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Sweethearts times 4!

Firstly, thank you 'N' Family for letting me photograph you. I had so much fun and Mrs. E, you are amazing with your 4 children. They are absolutely the sweetest and so much fun to be around. Here is a little sneak peak of the fun that we had:

Meet Mr. M:

Miss E:

M is a great big brother to J!!

Look at all the personality that Miss E has, the big sister. I do have to tell you that she knows a ton of french and has only been here 1 year. She is truely amazing and I am impressed.

Sweet little J:

One final pic of big sis and little J.
Thank you again for the fun time. I truly enjoyed myself. xo, Moi

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The Woodruffs said...

Those are some darling kids - and what a cooperative baby! Good job, Jen!

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