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Kids Rule! ~ Newborn Photographer ~ Le Vesinet, France

Yes, the kids dictate how the session will go...but would the picture be the same otherwise?! I loved our session and I really like how candid this next picture is:
Here are a few more sweet moments during our session:

Mr. L has the most beautiful dark eyes:
Mr. L even started smiling the morning I arrived. Can you believe it....he is only 3 weeks old (must be his older sisters' influence!)?!
Thanks again 'S' Family. I can't wait to share all of the pictures with you.
xo, Moi


kristie said...

This is an absolutely adorable family - great pics! I love the one of the entire family with the older girl looking at the camera. So sweet yet she's got this "I'm cool" look. Super cute! And, the two babies are way adorable...

Jean Smith said...

jen...just looking through your blog...i am loving all of your new stuff. that foot picture has got to be one of the cutest pics i've seen lately! love it!!!

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