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Hello Super Cute Family | Family Photographer | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Okay, first I must come clean and tell you that I am related to this family. However, take away any bias that you think I might have and I have to say, that I think this family is super cute! The mom pictured below is my cousin and I think she is beautiful by herself and then add her hubby and WOW! Super cute family!!!
Anyway, I met up with my cousin's family on Sunday at the Law Quad (beautiful location!!) and here are some of my favs:

Does this little man have eyes that make you melt?!!

Best smile ever on this little guy!
I absolutely love when you see the child's face light up!

Love the wonder in this next one.  :)

This next one just makes me laugh.  :)

Lastly, Happy Anniversary you two!!!  You are one beautiful couple with a family that I love to hang out with!!
Can't wait to share the rest with you!!  xo, Moi


Bama said...

Great pictures Jen and what great photos of the family Kelly & Phil! Can't wait to get your Christmas card.

kat foley said...

LOVE THEM! The people and the pictures!

Laura DeGrendel said...

So stinkin cute! Jen we need to get pics sometime soon!

jean smith said...

love all your pics at the law quad lately! super cute family and those blonde kiddes are adorable!

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