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Date Day!! | Child Photographer | Ann Arbor, Mi

With it being so cold outside, I have been thinking of inside places to have photo shoots.  One of the places that came to mind was the Ann Arbor Public Library.  It is such a great place for kids: tons of books for all ages, a huge fish tank, puzzles, etc.   I asked my sister if I could take my sweet niece to the library and just capture the moment. Thankfully she agreed. :) Here is a little peak into our date day:

A little bit of quiet time:

What does a duck say? "Quack, quack."

By a long shot, the puzzles were a fav!

In this next one, she kind of looks funny, but really she is just saying, "kick, kick, kick."  It was super cute!!

The good ones are always on the top shelf.  :)

My sweet niece, I hope to do this again with you soon.  Where should we go next?  I had so much fun, I hope you did too!!
I love you!! xo, Moi


kristie said...

These are seriously great, Jen. Yes, I also love the model, but the shots at a library with this age child are classic. Fabulous location! xoxo

Bama said...

omg....super cute!

Tara Hoeksema said...

Jen, these are GREAT. My firm designs libraries and I would LOVE to use the one where she's reaching for the book in the stacks for some of our literature and proposals. Would you consider selling rights? If so, can you email me with pricing? Probably signoff from Kristie too, if she's willing? Let me know what you guys think!! It's a national firm, so I can make your niece famous, hahaha!!

Sally said...

SO adorable -- and great idea, Jen. Thanks for sharing. Sally

Jane said...

Amazing! Love it!

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