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More from the workshop | Child and Family Photographer | Detroit, Mi

After I have given myself 24+ hours to reflect on the workshop, I am so excited about all that I learned and am so eager to apply it to my business and photography.  Do I think that my photography will change that much?  No.  But do I think it will be enhanced?  Absolutely.  I truly believe that my photography journey is continual and each new thing I learn, makes me that much better.   Thanks again Jean Smith Photography and Boka Studios; your He Said She Said Workshop was awesome!!

Here are a few more images from the workshop.  I love photographing love and joy, and what better to do that with than a couple, a family and a child.  Each different in their own beautiful way.

I had to get in close to this one.  I LOVE these moments.

Lastly, this fun little guy had a ton of spunk!!  Love his energy and smile!
Thanks again!  xo, Moi

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jean smith said...

Jen...I am dying at your images...they are gorgeous!! Love seeing other people's perspectives. Was looking for a favorite, but yep, I pretty much love them all :)

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