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Littlest Hero | Child Photographer | Ann Arbor, Michigan

I recently had a session with a family that I met through Inspiration through Art.  I am so amazed when I meet families through this organization.  To watch this littlest hero's spirt  and heart is amazing in it self, but then to watch the family in action, and see their love shine through, absolutely takes my breath away.

Her story: "Mira was born on Jan 27th 2009. She is a bright little 2 1/2 year old, she loves to play at the park,  carry her bunny and green blankie around, and adores her 6 year-old sister, Rayne. She has overcome many things in her 2 years and she has one more heart surgery to come. She is currently at a hemi-fontan (heart operation stage) but has been open and closed 6 times! She was on the heart transplant list for 5 months but was able to come off on her own, with much improvement. She just learned to walk the day after her 25 month birthday, and is learning to like food. She has the energy of any other two year old (if not more), and does it all with half a heart and a smile on her face! She is the bravest, strongest little person." 

One of my favorite things that her mom said about this girl, was that she has the "honor of being her mommy!"

xo, Moi

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