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My heroes | Child and Family Photographer | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Every time that I get an email to photograph one of these little heroes from Inspiration through Art, I feel so blessed and Miss Lillian is not exception.  The love and support that I see through the families eyes is so inspiring and the spirit that I see through the heroes eyes is absolutely beautiful!  These people that you are about to meet are truly my heroes.  Without further delay, please meet Lillian and her family, and read more about her story below.

Her story: "Our daughter Lillian was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia 12-10-10. My daughter was born 10-14-10, shortly after birth we realized something wasn't right. After some tests and a liver biopsy we were informed she had Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disease affecting the bile ducks. She had surgery the next morning to try and correct the problem. Sadly it didn't work and Lillian was referred over to transplant 2 months later. She was placed on the transplant list in April and we received the call on July 28th. Lillian had her transplant on July 29th and had quite a recovery. While in recovery we discovered she had a perforated bowel and had to have another surgery to fix that issue. She then was having trouble breathing and was diagnosed with reactive airway disease. Lillian spent 22 days in the PICU and 27 total days in the hospital. Since she has been doing fabulous!"

Now meet, beautiful, Lillian and her inspiring family:

I love this moment with Dad!!

Loved the way that Mom looked at Lillian, such pride and love!!

I want to thank Lillian's family for contacting me.  It was such a pleasure getting to know you and photograph you!!  xo, Moi

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