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Littlest Hero | Child and Family Photographer | Ann Arbor, Michigan

This past weekend, I had a session with a family that I met through Inspiration through Art.  I instantly fell in love with this family.  They are so down to earth, their kids are awesome and their little hero is absolutely adorable and a ball of energy!

My littlest hero's story: "Jackson was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart in utero. He was born at U of M Mott Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI on October 30, 2007. His first open heart surgery was when he was 6 days old. After surgery, his oxygen levels wouldn't stay where the doctors wanted them, so they put him on ECMO. He was on ECMO for 48 hours to allow his heart time to rest and heal. We were discharged from the hospital 3 weeks later, and we were able to come home to Jackson's 2 older brothers. Jackson has also had 2 other open heart surgeries, the most recent was August 2010. We had an extended stay d/t him developing chylous effusions, and he was running around the hospital until we were able to go home. Today, Jackson is a vibrant, energetic almost 4 year old boy. Since his last surgery, we can tell that his endurance has improved, and his color is much better!! He just started preschool, and is loving it!!!"

Meet Jackson!

Love this little guy!!

Can't wait to show mom and dad the rest of their images!!  xo, Moi

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